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Dave & Cecky

Dave Montgomery

Dave Montgomery was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He still lives there with his wife, Julie, and sometimes his daugher, Layne. He worked 50 years in a family business that he retired from in 2020. He first picked up a guitar in grade school and he never put it down. Sonwriting followed in high school and became a passion that’s led him through life ever since.

On a new road now with Cecky, the passion gets stronger and the music sings louder than ever before.

Cecky Ropelewski

Living in a 245 year old home in Walkerton, Virginia, Cecky Ropelewski and her husband, Jerry Walker, share their house with 2 dogs (we’re down to 1 dog now), a cat and a horse. Well, the horse lives outside.

Singing, painting, and acting have been Cecky’s life since she was a child. She wasn’t interested in doing much else, well, for a while, architecture crept in there, but it always came back to these three loves.

Cecky didn’t start writing music until a few years ago. Together, Cecky and Dave are discovering parts of themselves they never knew was in them. They are thoroughly enjoying the path that music is taking them.

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