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 I (Cecky) learned how to read music in first grade.  By 2nd grade I was accepted into our church choir consisting of 4th through 12th graders.  At 12, I pretty much taught myself how to play guitar after my oldest sister showed me how to play basic chords.  I joined the junior high and high school choirs.   My mother volunteered me to start the folk masses at my church.  So there I was, at 16, standing in front of a huge congregation, teaching them folk music.  Several other kids joined in with me and our “Folk Group” ended up singing for weddings, funerals, dinner parties, and restaurants along with singing for church every Sunday for a number of years.

     I met Dave in junior high school chorus.  We have remained friends all these years.  Life has taken us in different directions, but has always brought us back together.  Several years after graduating from high school, Dave came by one day so we could go for one of our rides.  I asked him where we were going that day and he said, “You are going to audition for the Richmond Symphony Chorus.”  I said, “I’m going to what?!”  Dave was already a member.  He took me to Dr. Jim Erb’s office at the University of Richmond and, yes, I auditioned, got in and stayed for the next 40 years.  The next year, Jim accepted me into CAFUR (Chorus of Alumni and Friends of the University of Richmond).  I also joined the original James River Singers.

     That, in a nutshell, is the “Singing” part of my life.  You would think, as much as I sang, I could write music also.  Well, I couldn’t.  Not until about 4 years ago.  Someone had submitted their song to the new Virginia song contest.  After I heard it, I said to myself, “I can write a better song than that and I don’t even write music.”  On the way home from Richmond, I wrote the chorus for “Home Sweet Home.”  The next day I wrote the verses.  At some point, I saw Dave and he said that he could record it for me.  When he heard the song, he asked me if I wanted to write music together.  I said, “Dave, this is the only song I’ve ever written!”  He said, “The music will come.  Just sit quietly and it will present itself to you.”  He was right.  The music just kind of flows out of me now and I am tickled to death to be able to write music with Dave.  It’s been a wonderful adventure so far.   

     We are now working on our 2nd CD.  We have already written 10 songs and are arranging and tweaking them.  We are having fun playing music together.  We hope you enjoy listening to our music as much as we enjoy playing our music.

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